Some History First …

holeThe term gloryhole was used in several industries before it becoming a slang word. In the mining industry, the opening to a mineshaft containing the “mother lode” would be considered to be the “glory hole”. In glass blowing, the open mouth or “glory hole” refers to the kiln. In civil engineering, a glory hole is where water from a reservoir is quickly “sucked” through and vectors out of a dam. There are numerous meanings from seamen and shipbuilding.

From the mid-to-late 20th century glory holes could be found in public men’s rooms throughout the United States including vaudeville and movie theatres, truck stops, parks, universities, and adult bookstores and gay bars

Why build a gloryhole?

Our inspiration for developing and executing our final design was the desire for a gloryhole structure that could be constructed in about an hour ⎯ using common hardware store materials and household tools ⎯ and then placed, removed and replaced easily in a door jamb within a few minutes. This design allows the user to “install” the gloryhole structure and then store it for later use, or move it to different locations as desired.

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