Discover the thrill of a GLORYHOLE
— in your own home —

You are about to discover how to turn common hardware store items into your very own gloryhole! Shop, build and use it today.

Why a gloryhole? Isn’t the thrill of anonymity — or at least the simulation of it — exciting? I’ve seen my share of adult websites featuring gloryhole videos and I found them very hot. The whole idea of a woman pleasuring a man who she can’t see — her focus is simply on getting busy on his manhood — is quite erotic.

I discussed these gloryhole websites with my partner and how much the concept turned me on. I didn’t plan on trying to find a gloryhole in my area (I wouldn’t know where to look for one, let alone venture to that place…) It dawned on me one day that building a simple structure that would work as a gloryhole panel would not only be fun, it would allow me to have the experience I’ve seen in the videos. And that is what I want to share with you: that straight-forward and easy project that will result in a gloryhole that you and your partner can enjoy … today!

A short visit to your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc., about an hour or less of construction, and you are all set to install the gloryhole panel. The design allows you to remove the panel and store it for later, or relocate it easily.

I’ve created an eBook, How to Build Your Own Gloryhole. It contains a list of the parts you’ll need to buy (about $35-$40) and the tools you’ll need, plus step-by-step directions and photos to help you complete the project.

How to Build Your Own Gloryhole
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